Chase After Happiness

IF you want to be happy, you need to be happy. Don’t wait for happiness to come to you. Chase after it by taking action. Smile at people, be positive.

In business, know your strengths. It’s not just about working on your weaknesses. Focus on the things you are good at. Work on your strengths because the more you get to know what they are the better chance you have of utilising them when it matters.

Check out your particular strengths. What are you able to excel at? Public speaking, interviewing, teaching? Find the time to identify and improve your attributes by putting yourself in the situations where you can use them to your best advantage.

Have a go at recalling the best experiences you have had in your life and analyse just what it was that made them successful for you. Was there a common theme? Have you managed to repeat them in other fields? Were there any significant factors that helped you be successful? Visualisation of what made you happy, successful and what you are today – and creating a picture in your mind of how you can recreate it – could help you go on to bigger and better things.


  • mark

    I smile a lot and it does tend to get you places. In business it doesn't take much to give a smile but then you can't be happy if you're not. happiness comes from within as they say.

  • Shiroshana Tissera

    Thanks for all the use full advice today. It was really great.

  • mary

    Visualising an outcome and making sure you end up at that place is one of the challenges I enjoy. A lot of sport is in the mind. So too is business. If you want to make it happen, you can, through hard work and commitment, and flair. You have to be happy about it though.

  • chris

    You can't make yourself be happy. It must come from within. You have to have that happiness built in otherwise you don't really have much chance of expressing it. In business, happiness comes with doing a good job, making money and ensuring you can keep your business going through hard times which gives great satisfaction.

  • mary hull

    To add to my earlier comment, everybody can be successful. It's just that those who don't believe they can be, won't. and those that do, will. It's a case of making it happen or not!

  • mark

    There are times when I'm happy and times when I'm sad. So I guess I'm and in between guy although happiness is more prominent in my life as I get a lot of pleasure out of life. It's a great thing to feel happy. Sometimes your feelings are dictated to you though and it's not an easy to feel like that all the time when circumstances, such as losing a job, dictate.

  • chris

    Like I say, sometimes your happiness is dictated by outside influences. In that respect it is tricky.

  • paul

    If I am happy I smile and if I am sad I don't but I am rarely ill at ease with my emotions. I can be a half-full person most of the time which is what I aim to be. That way I am generally looking on the bright side of most aspects of my life.

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