Go On – Repeat Yourself

EVER been told you repeat yourself? Well, it’s not always a bad thing! Replicating a success, or the formula for that success, will allow you to add to your achievements, again and again.

How do we do this? Simple. We make a list of our achievements, perhaps a top 10, or 12, then write next to each achievement a summary of how you felt at that time, and what your circumstances were. Study each item on the list. Consider whether it really was your achievement.

Ask yourself what it was you contributed to the result. Was it really your own unique, personal strengths – unaffected by outside influences – which made the difference? If so, you can then analyse the list and look for similarities. And in this way you can pinpoint your three best abilities.

This is particularly pertinent because those three aspects of your character have helped form a successful pattern in your life which you are able to replicate. In time, you can discover the real you and work out what really makes you tick. It’s easier said than done but then you can go out and repeat it – time and again, for your own benefit, as well as your colleagues as part of a team.

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