Grow Your Own

LIKE climbing honeysuckle plants on a well-positioned trellis, businesses at home and abroad are still growing. Companies are making it their business to recruit staff despite fears over political uncertainty and the continued effects of the recession.

A survey in this country revealed that a third of firms expect to take on new staff this year while business owners, around two thirds of them, expect their activities to blossom in the coming months.

The general consensus is that although demand has been cut, impacting on turnover, a healthy percentage of owners predict a return to sustainable levels again this year.

With two thirds of jobs in small businesses, staff in those organisations can play an important part in helping re-energize the economy.

So, if you are thinking of changing careers, or moving on to a more challenging role, take heart from the fact businesses ARE recruiting again. What are you waiting for, go for it!

Meanwhile, a weaker pound means exports have been boosted too, while well-organised firms are trading forward so as not to be adversely affected by fluctuations in currency.

It is important to speak to your bank when trading overseas and making it clear exactly what you require in sterling to make sure you get value in terms of your contracts. Remember to factor in costs too.

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