Have you ever noticed how…?

Time to Read – 1 minute

Time to Notice – The rest of your life

When you believe something to be true, you see the world in that way.

Much the same as when you think you might buy a blue BMW – you start seeing them all around you – your awareness peaks.

Make your choice and watch what happens all around you:

Believe that you can achieve anything you want, and that the evidence for this will be shown to you, by life, from now on


Believe that you can’t achieve anything you want, and that the evidence for this will be shown to you, by life, from now on

Enjoy (or not)

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With my love and best wishes

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  • Simon

    Just spoke to one of my operations team members who was encouraged to take part in a process improvement team and she says she is so much more confident now and has lots of ideas for the business and her development, because she now believes she can!

  • I have believed for a long time now and everything I have believed has come true – it DOES work!!

  • I too am a believer. If I think something it generally happens the way I envisage it. If you have negative thoughts about something it is very difficult to make what you want happen.

  • I love to believe that things are true whether they are or not as it gives me a feeling of power.
    I mother in law didn’t believe she could achieve the race For Life run/walk for cancer a few days back. Then she went out and did it. Now, imagine if she had believed she could do it.
    She would have romped home in half the time…

  • You have to believe you can achieve otherwise you will achieve nothing.

  • I have often believed I can do something and found out that actually I haven’t been able to.
    So it works both ways!
    Belief in doing something is one thing but having the ability to do something is another thing altogether and may prevent it happening.

  • Belief is only half of it. yes the mental side of things can help and I’m sure it tips the balance on many major sporting occasions.
    But there has to be substance there too. Many believe they can do something and simply can’t.

  • It surely helps to believe you can achieve and that way you tend to set out a plan to do that.
    If you don’t have aspirations and goals, then it is unlikely you will achieve much at all.
    So having a positive attitude towards something surely has to help.

  • Those who think negatively deserve to achieve nothing in my opinion.
    Those who are brave enough to dare, deserve everything they are trying to attain.

  • Khalid Al-Suwairi

    I am a strong believer, that I am also religious. All what believe on and request from god, I have it. All the different that it takes some time (or long times) where I was patient and tolerant to achieve my believes. I stil have many believes.

  • Belief comes from the heart. You have to be passionate about it and it will happen for you.
    Without really feeling as though you can do something you will have little chance of doing it.

  • I consistently like to think the glass his half full. That way I make more things happen for me than not. It’s this drive within me that has made me what i am, a success in business.

  • Interesting viewpoint.

    Believing is one thing, but don’t forget that you have to work towards what you want. Belief can get you partway there, but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all.

    Either way, I’m reminded of The Rolling Stones: “You can’t always get what you want / but if you try sometimes / you might find / you get what you need.”

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