Hear, Hear To That

MAKE sure you listen with the same enthusiasm with which you speak.

That way, you will listen properly, rather than being full of your own dialogue, which originates in your mind, and not blocking out the potential for effective communication with other people.

Communicating one way in a series of statements, of our condition or thoughts, means you may not be engaging in listening, really listening, to the thoughts of others.

See someone else’s point of view, see where they are ‘coming from’ and understand what they are conveying. After all, we were given two ears and only one mouth!



  • Thomas Frith

    Listening to older people is so rewarding. They have so much to give and we should take more interest.
    I’m doing that from now on.

  • Daniel Terat

    Great advice. grandparents won’t last for ever and we need to listen and truly understand what they are saying to learn from their experiences.
    My mum kept trying to talk to me about things. Now it’s too late.

  • Graham Stagg

    I always listened to my parents, I just wish i had time to listen to my kids more. Always seem to be too busy.

  • Darren Roach

    Agreed, listening to someone speak is a matter of respect. Don’t just have your agenda, and have in your mind what you want to say.

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