Help At Hand

BY helping just one other person, you change their world, for good. By asking them to help others, you change someone else’s world, as well. It feels great to help others – we feel a better and braver person. The more you give to others the more you receive in return. So here’s the challenge.

Change someone’s world this week. And feel good about yourself.


  • Sohail Khan

    Like going to an old people’s home at Xmas. I am going to do that to make a difference.

  • Kamalika

    I shall make all my family members happy by spending time with each one of them this week, before leaving home again for another long tenure.This will encourage them to do the same with each other and be happy while I am gone.I shall also donate necessary items to needy people in my locality so that others too feel encouraged to do the same.
    I believe in Andy Cope’s ripple effect here as was discussed in the annual conference of NL.

  • Henry Atkins

    What a lovely idea. The fact we can do so much for people if we just got away from our busy lives, for one moment.

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