How to communicate in a meeting so that others will listen…

Ever feel your voice, thoughts and opinions are not heard in meetings – so you have to repeat yourself?

Ever feel your voice, thoughts and opinions are not heard in meetings – so you have to repeat yourself?

No More, with these Four…

1. Be Clear, Concise and Compelling:

Clear – What is your overall point? Make it in language understandable by everyone in the room.

Concise – Less is more, always – say your headline first, and then speak for no more than 1 minute. The BBC can explain a war in a headline – leave them wanting more so they will ask you questions about it.

Compelling – So what? – Why should they care and why is it important – personally (their hottest pain and pleasure buttons), for their strategic area and finally for the organisation overall.

2. Be yourself – speak with honesty, passion and show you care – if you don’t, then don’t speak.

3. Use analogies – and people love “stories.”

4. As you speak, make clear and direct eye contact with everyone in the room – one by one – practice this in your team meetings so it becomes natural.

With my love and best wishes

Ps these tips also apply to presentations WATCH
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  • I think the main reason people repeat themselves in meetings or lose audiences in presentations is that they have no clear goal. The best speakers, whether in meetings or presentations, ask themselves two crucial questions before they start: what do I want people to think, feel, say and do when they walk out of here? And: What’s In It For Them? Then the clear / concise / compelling stuff takes care of itself… The other thing is confidence / conviction because without it you won’t be able to say what you think or make eye contact and you might mumble and might even ‘crash and burn’ and then you might squirm and so would everyone else and that would be sad…

  • Frances Granger

    I love to repeat, repeat. It means I am then heard, HEARD.

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  • Graham Stagg

    There are certain times when I have to repeat myself at work just to get my message across. Sad really but being compelling is not my forte.

  • Liam Roake

    Eye contact is the key, which is why meeting people rather than speaking on phone is vital when making a sale.
    That engagement with an actual person sitting in front of you is very important.

  • Ryan Norris

    Speaking with honesty is the key.
    You have to be true to yourself.

  • david

    Thank you for all of your comments especially about being true to yourself – Graham, being yourself must be your forte! David

  • Ethan Ross

    I agree, that being you is the most compelling thing you can be.

  • Boris Cahn

    Being true to yourself is the only way to be.
    Sometimes at work you might put on a different face but essentially having the same values is what counts.

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