“How to give someone a dressing down”

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“How to give someone a dressing down”

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  • Rosa

    I think the world of work today is totally different! – I think this is a bit of and idealistisc view

  • Tony

    I think many businesses would benefit greatly from having a clearer chain of command with objectives and responsibilities made plain and clear. In my own experience of working in major organisations this frequently does not happen. No ONE is often responsible for decisions made – with mistakes blamed on committees and working parties instead. On the infrequent occasions that someone is clearly behind a problem; businesses often shy away from tackling the issue. After a problem arises I often hear the phrase ” we are not an organisation that focuses on the past – let’s move on” – and of course by doing that they fail to learn any lessons and the same mistakes come round again and again…

  • Diana Calligaro

    Rosa – it is by having ideals that we remain human. That is precisely what’s wrong with society today. No one has ideals anymore. Maybe we should think more idealistically sometimes, maybe not all the time, but now and again it doesn’t hurt. Just an opinion…

  • Paul Charlton

    I agree. We should have ideals and try and work to them. Otherwise we are all just going our own way up blind alleys.

  • Marcus Adams

    In my organisation, nobody knows who is boss. Line managers are given responsibility for different people but shirk responsibility. The big boss delegates and does not get involved. Whole place is a shambles.

  • Harry Peake

    There should be a chain of command and everyone should stick to that.
    As for delegating, it is essential in any line of business.

  • Chris Everton

    Isn’t it within all of us to have ideals? Yes life is different but the values should be the same through the ages.

  • Mark Hammer

    I have had a dressing down a few times in various roles and not quite like that.
    I think it needs people to be assertive at work and to make sure others are doing their jobs properly. Unfortunately for me I have been on the wrong end of that.

  • Robert English

    There has to be a chain of command I agree and there has to be someone delivering the message.
    Some people have that in them, others don’t. But the message has to be clear.

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