Do you have a Powerful, Personal Impact

Time to Read =Time to answer

Do you have a Powerful, Personal Impact?

Answer the following questions and find out  …


1. How visible are you, to the people in your organisation?

2. What was your most recent, big mistake?

3. When you are away from your office, do you worry what is happening in your absence?

4. What is your favourite subject?

5. Do you take personal responsibility for anything and everything that happens to you?

6. If you were stripped of your job title and traits of office, would you still be able to get the best from your people?

7.Can people communicate openly with you, without fear or favour?

8.Can you name the partners / children’s names of everyone in your team?

9. Do people often confide in you?

10. Do you feel confident when you enter a room full of people you don’t know?

With my love and best wishes


(Adapted from The Naked Leader Experience )

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