How to make a true decision, combining logic and emotion…

Time to Read – 30 Seconds


1. Write down all possible choices.

2. Next to each, write down the pros and cons for each option.

3. Make sure you think of everything.


4. Then go with the one your heart tells you to.

5. Done – now, go make it happen.

With My love and best wishes

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  • Laura

    If your argument looks to be ‘only’ emotional, unless others share your emotion, they will not come with you. Sometimes you need hard factual logic to drive the point home.

    My teachers always told me…

    Show your workings

  • Facts can sometimes get in the way of emotion and vice versa.
    I prefer to go with my heart, it normally works out better for me than just going the logical way.

  • Making decisions based on emotions rather than logic is a very dangerous practice.
    You have to have an element of reality in there someone or you could pay the price.

  • Combining both logic and heart is a great idea because you are going to make the best choice once you have all the facts at your disposal.
    Ultimately, you want to go with your heart because that is the best-case feeling and one you learn to trust in yourself.

  • I can’t imagine making a decision purely on one or the other.
    Surely you should weigh up all the pros and cons and then decide once you have a balanced view. Works for me.

  • Decisions can be made with either.
    Some you will get right, some wrong. As long as you do what you think is right at the time you make it, that is the important thing.

  • I suspect this actually separates ‘ought’ from ‘want’. We tend to write down pros and cons acceptable to and based on society, friends, family and upbringing.

    However the wording of the ‘want’ part will not appeal to many and step 4 might be rephrased according the individual’s preference:

    Then go with the one that feels closest to your heart.
    Then go with the one that looks the best fit to your dreams.
    Then go with the one that sounds most in tune with with your goals.
    Then go with the one you think best suited to you.
    Then go with the tastiest.

  • The tastiest, I like the sound of that.
    I guess that is when making a choice of which dinner to have and you can make the decision based on personal taste. If only business decisions could be made like that.

  • Don’t they call it ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’?
    Very dicey way to do business in my opinion. Facts are best.

  • There isn’t a decision ever made that doesn’t have some logic attached to it. Why would anyone do something based on emotion? That is a question I ask myself and yet if I saw someone in trouble my instinct would take over and that would mean I was giving an emotional response. So it’s not all cut and dried.

  • A combination of the two works for me.
    That’s how a decision should be made.
    The emotion might tell you to go to Italy. Then comes the nitty gritty and the logic in terms of where you are going to go and what type of holiday you might enjoy.
    So a combination of the two is parmount in my world.

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