How to Notice a Frightening Idea

Time to Read – 42 Seconds

It happened last week during a discussion on our Coaching Qualification – I was very clear on how we should offer it in-company, when someone suggested the complete opposite. The specific discussion isn’t relevant here, what is though, is my reaction – I froze on the spot.

You may know the feeling – when you hear an idea, thought or opinion that goes against a strongly held belief. Our first reaction is “no,” and once we have reached that conclusion – that we are “right” – we stack up the selective evidence to back it up.

But what if such moments hold the breakthrough that we all really need – in our lives, careers and in our organisation?

The ones that jolt us out of our comfort and familiarity zones.

Maybe it is the very ideas that we immediately reject, that hold the key to move us fast forward.

So, over the next week, listen out for those very ideas – you will know when you see or hear them – the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up in fear. Indeed, the faster you freeze, the more the idea may help you move forward.

Because let’s be honest, the whole innovation and creativity industries have all become a little too fluffy and friendly – and what we really need to move forward are some frightening ideas – frightening to us, to our organisations and to our competitors.

Here’s to you geting very scared this week


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