How to Pass that Exam

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How to Pass that Exam (please forward to anyone you know who is sitting an exam)

– if every tip here each helped you gain a mark – you would get an extra 15 marks! Think about it.

The Top Fifteen Tips

In Advance…

1. Study past exam papers and take a mock exam in them…… with the same time period etc. Past exam papers are invaluable.

2. Schedule your revision periods to suit your best energy times. You may be a “morning person” or an “evening person” – schedule your main revision periods accordingly.

3. When you feel tired…Take a break, or switch subjects – sometimes changing a subject can be as good as taking a break.

4. Believe that you will do well. We automatically move in the direction of whatever we think about most – being optimistic will help you be more relaxed, more open to learning and is proven to help in your exam. Also, listen to music that helps you relax – which may even be The Arctic Monkeys.

5. Use a memory technique – there are thousands available – choose one from the web – and use Post-it notes all over your books.

6. Parents out… be seen and not heard, be there to make tea and offer help when you are asked for it…

7. Senses help recall of memories – what I mean is – you know how a song makes you think of an event? Well pick a separate CD for each subject and always play it when you work on and revise that subject – then play it before the exam – it will access that bit of your memory like a key in the lock of a filing drawer.

8. Eat the right foods at the right time – Eat a light meal at least an hour before the exam and avoid carbohydrates as they use up vital resources in digestion that you need to be sent to your brain – also some foods are better than others for brains – consult food doctor books. A small chicken salad is a good idea.

9. Allow time for travel – Make sure you allow a good half hour contingency when travelling to the exam as the last thing you need is worrying about arriving on time as well as remembering all those facts!

10. Help others – There is nothing like explaining something to someone else for making it clearer to yourself – how many times have you said “I don’t know why this maths answer is wrong. I did this and I did that and then… OH – I know, I should have done… “ and you answer your own questions. Do this for yourself in the exam too (although without actually speaking!).

11. Relax and get enough rest – Don’t go into an exam tired – your brain is an engine and will run at its best if it is not worn out.

12. “If you don’t know it now, you never will…” is simply untrue. Short term memory is very powerful, so have a refresh just before you go into the exam – this will gain you extra marks.

13. Glance through the exam paper in advance before writing anything… And notice the questions that you CAN answer and be proud of yourself at your preparation –
answer these questions first to gain confidence.

14. Plan your time – And use up all of it. You can always gain an extra mark here or there with additional points that will come to you later on. And if you run out of time, put a summary of the points you were going to cover – e.g. if you run out of time with only 10 minutes left for a 30-minute question, then answer it in outline only – stating the main points and facts, if an essay, and by jotting down formulae and how you would use them to reach a solution, if science or maths. More marks can be gained this way with limited time available.

15. Write down formulae at the start – For any exam where you have to remember formulae – particularly if it’s a difficult one – write them all out on the paper as soon as you get into the exam. Then you don’t need to worry anymore about whether you’ll remember them at the appropriate time.

Don’t TRY your best

DO your best!

With my love and best wishes


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