To Stay On Life’s Course…

…live life to the full and make sure you hand yourself rewards for success. Make sure it can also benefit those who support you. And those who you need help from to achieve your goals.


  • Mark Hammer

    I like to share the successes I have with my team. they are what helped me achieve after all. Ignore your team at your peril is my motto.

  • Paul Charlton

    I often reward myself but it is even more important to make sure those who achieve with you are rewarded. I was taken out for a meal by my boss after a particularly good project and I made sure others basked in the glory too as I paid for my team to have a night out. Keeping up morale is so important in those situations. One person taking the credit just wouldn't be the right way to go about nurturing a relationship with my team.

  • Maurice

    It’s very important to reward yourself, especially as Christmas.
    I bought myself a Mercedes Benz yesterday, 1955, once driven by Stirling Moss.
    It’s the business although my wife is not best pleased I wasted my hard-earned money on what she sees is my mid-life crisis.
    Who wouldn’t want to have such a beautiful possession and luckily I have a double garage so I am able to store it away in there hardly noticed.
    Can’t believe she is so uptight about a £40 scale die-cast model!

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