How to win the world cup

Time to Read – 1 minute (time added on)

The world cup starts this week – one month of football, with matches almost every day.

Rosalind can’t wait!

And with the previews comes the hype – players, positions and tactics.

As Harry Redknapp said when he first took over at Spurs, when they were at the foot of the premiership, the way to win matches is to score more goals than your opposition.

And that’s it.

Of course there is the small question of “how?” – My point though is don’t we make the simple things in life so very very complex? We stack up unclear direction on top of confusing communications and add a little ridiculous complexity – we do it in our lives, our relationships and our organisations.

Action – What are you making complex in your life, relationship or organisation that could be so much simpler?

With my best wishes to whatever country you support

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