How to win the world cup

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The world cup starts this week – one month of football, with matches almost every day.

Rosalind can’t wait!

And with the previews comes the hype – players, positions and tactics.

As Harry Redknapp said when he first took over at Spurs, when they were at the foot of the premiership, the way to win matches is to score more goals than your opposition.

And that’s it.

Of course there is the small question of “how?” – My point though is don’t we make the simple things in life so very very complex? We stack up unclear direction on top of confusing communications and add a little ridiculous complexity – we do it in our lives, our relationships and our organisations.

Action – What are you making complex in your life, relationship or organisation that could be so much simpler?

With my best wishes to whatever country you support


  • chris

    Tactics, formations, etc etc etc. Good old Harry Redknapp for putting it in perspective for us. It's about scoring more goals he says. More than the opposition. Life is like that too. It's about achieving goals and we all have the chance to do it in different ways. How we do it is up to us. I must admit I sometimes make it complicated in my work when actually, it's easy. Sometimes I just need to cut away the things that don't matter and focus on what does.

  • paul

    The how is the important bit although I don't think any England manager will ever find that out despite some decent players at their disposal. We have made life complicated because we have taken pretty boy footballers and not enough workhorses. Scott Parker should have gone.Still, your point is that we make life complicated when actually life can be made so much simpler. It's a fact.

  • Jon

    I think in Capello we may actually have the manager that treats things the way they should; simply. Pick in form players. Don't rely on reputations. Organise the team around strengths. Regardless of who is and who isn't fit, with a good manager and good team morale, I think any team can win… even England!

  • Chris

    I'd like to agree Jon but he hasn't picked in-form players in every case. Rio Ferdinand had hardly played last season, and did get picked on reputation. Michael Carrick had a very average season for Manchester United and was awful in the friendly against Mexico three weeks ago, yet got picked. Joe Cole has been picked on reputation too. He hardly kicked a ball in the last three months of the season. One player who was superb this season, and who wasn't picked even though he was the man in form, was Scott Parker. But of course, he doesn't have a reputation yet. He is a ball-winner and was rated as the top tackler in the Premier League last season. And yet we choose a lot of pretty-boy players who stood and stared at Wembley as Mexico rang rings around us. Yes, we won 3-1 that day. And the only way we have a chance is to do what we did then. Bang it up to the 6ft 8in centre forward. That's all we know. Capello may well be a good leader. He has hedged his bets on experience though, not form. He's no fool.Get my point!

  • Chris

    Watched the game tonight and I don't like to say I told you so but the manager picked the wrong players. For us not to be able to beat the USA is poor really. We have a team ofindividuals not a real team and that is not necessarily the fault of the manager but he has fallen into the same trap as others before him.

  • Mark

    Scoring more goals than the opposition seems to be a hard concept for England. we beat Slovenia, just. And failed to beat USA and Algeria. That's not the way to win world cups!

  • Paul Charlton

    I guess we didn't have a winning formula. sometimes a business strategy can work regardless of the people. In football there are too many variables as was shown in us trying to win the world cup. I say 'trying' in the loosest of terms.

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