Humility is great…

Time to Read – 100 Seconds (give or take)

But not to the point of self-destruction

Last week I was observing a meeting of Senior Execs, and as I did, I realised something about people who call themselves “humble” – they often appear the most arrogant:

• They do not accept compliments (an insult to the person offering the praise).

• They are very defensive when receiving critical feedback (“don’t you have a go at me – that’s my job”).

• They talk about themselves a lot (“let’s talk about you – what do you think of me?”).

That is not being humble, that is having low self-esteem, and it is one of the biggest diseases inflicting adults.

If this is you, do these:

• Accept compliments (Accept them by looking the person in the eyes and saying “thank you” – whether you believe they are genuine, or not).

• Receive feedback (Again, say “thank you” – you will find as you do a feeling of deep peace run through you, and the person you thank will immediately pay you a compliment – this also applies when someone has a “go” at you by email – simply email back – Thank You.

• Listen to others – really listen (Ironically that is the best way to be respected, trusted and popular.

With my love and best wishes to you all


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