“I don’t play politics”

Time to Read – Until you do

If you don’t play politics, then it’s best not to have any ambition, relationships or work in any organisation of more than one person (yourself).

As “playing politics” is just another phrase for “having relationships.”

We all see things from our own point of view (as we don’t know what it’s like being someone else), we all live our lives in a world created by ourselves – in terms of our beliefs and perceptions (this is a scientific conclusion) and one of our primary measures of success is how we are doing compared with how other people are doing (or rather, compared with how we think other people are doing).

Playing politics is neither negative or positive – it just is, and ironically the masters, the experts in the art, are those that build the most trusted relationships, helping others to achieve success, valuing others points of view and showing a great interest in people other than themselves.

People who are not so good e.g. bullies etc. get found out very early on.

We all interact with others and it’s best we do that in the most appropriate way to achieve results for both parties or you may choose not to.

And that’s politics!

If you don’t play politics, you don’t play life.

With my love and best wishes to you all


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