I started my new life alone

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Here is a very special 400th NLweek.

Written by someone with amazing strength of character and determination – Chris Redford. Chris is happy to have his story told and you will find it challenges the stereotypical ideas that we may have about some young people.

Last week Vikky told us how the Prince’s Trust www.princes-trust.org.uk had helped and supported her in starting her own business and her story attracted an amazing 11 comments. This week Chris explains how the Trust supported him in choosing to live drug free after, what was to start with, a lonely life.

Today Chris, thank you for your story, your permission and your example.

Chris’s story…

During my life I’ve had quite a few ups and downs – the metaphorical rollercoaster as it were.
Depression and addiction have always been apart of my life. Things started off with my mum becoming depressed and later on turning to alcohol to get through the hard shit. Problem with alcohol is it changes the person and changes what the person may do and say. When I was 17 my mum kicked me out. Not really knowing what to do I ended up going through hostels and finding what I thought at the time was the best thing, but just happened to be one of the worst things too fall into, drugs. I gathered a habit and one thing led to another. 3 years later I did something that really was out of character I assaulted someone and ended up getting sent to jail.
Now people say jail is a bad place but to an extent it helped me get clean, however, broken and not the same person as I once was, I started to get depressed and started to slowly fall back down the same path.
So time for a change, I moved not just house, but also city too. Moving 200 miles away from friends, family and anyone else that could become an influence. Still depressed but away from drugs I started my new life alone.
So it took me awhile to find a job and when I did – just had to happen – my boss was dealing drugs and the best thing about the job was getting out of there. Back on my own and feeling at the lowest point possible I had enough and wanted it ended so I attempted to kill myself. After 2 weeks in a secure ward I was let out and back into reality.
The changing point of life – I was working with a local charity in the area who pointed out to me the Prince’s Trust. At first when I started the course it was hard. However my confidence began to grow, my self esteem was growing and things were starting to pick up for a change.
I’m moving to another area as I did have a job offer but seems like it has fallen through even with me harassing them but never mind there are plenty other jobs out there.

Thanks for the chance to come on the course you guys ran for us.

I have just finished a 6 month contract at a charity based organisation. Now working as an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust I couldn’t be happier! I’m also now pushing to become a support worker in any possible way I can with hopefully starting volunteering for the Prince’s Trust team program. Let’s hope I can get it 🙂

Thank you Chris

Please support the Prince’s Trust by making donations, raising funds or offering your services to do anything to help these young people who can have such a bright future. They have so much more to contribute to society too if they’re given a little support.

With my love and best wishes

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