If someone asks you a question…

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If someone asks you a question…

Here’s a radical idea…

Answer it!

Yes, I know that might be the most blindingly obvious suggestion you have ever read

And, it is also among the most unusual!

Listen to politicians, colleagues at work, members of your family – how rarely people answer the question being asked

So, today, if someone asks you a question, answer it

And be clear (understandable by a ten year old), Concise (understandable by a ten year old, in a lift) and Compelling (understandable by a ten year old, in a lift, and worded in a way that is interesting to the person asking (or listener, if you are on the radio etc.)

So, what do you think of that idea? – Come on, answer the question in the comments below.
With my love and best wishes


PS.  I didn’t expect this –
Time to watch: 2 mins 04 secs – If someone asks you a question…


I was about to interview Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia, and Samir Guesmia of The Molten Group – http://www.molten-group.com/ stood in for a technical rehearsal to check lights/sound etc. Little did I know what would happen next! With massive thanks to Dan Shirley of http://www.smarteyeproductions.com/ – you guys are the best. David

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