If someone asks you a question…

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If someone asks you a question…

Here’s a radical idea…

Answer it!

Yes, I know that might be the most blindingly obvious suggestion you have ever read

And, it is also among the most unusual!

Listen to politicians, colleagues at work, members of your family – how rarely people answer the question being asked

So, today, if someone asks you a question, answer it

And be clear (understandable by a ten year old), Concise (understandable by a ten year old, in a lift) and Compelling (understandable by a ten year old, in a lift, and worded in a way that is interesting to the person asking (or listener, if you are on the radio etc.)

So, what do you think of that idea? – Come on, answer the question in the comments below.
With my love and best wishes


PS.  I didn’t expect this –
Time to watch: 2 mins 04 secs – If someone asks you a question…


I was about to interview Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia, and Samir Guesmia of The Molten Group – http://www.molten-group.com/ stood in for a technical rehearsal to check lights/sound etc. Little did I know what would happen next! With massive thanks to Dan Shirley of http://www.smarteyeproductions.com/ – you guys are the best. David


  • Ryan Norris

    So many people fudge around the question these days, you see it all the time.
    Q. He dived, should it have been a penalty?
    A (manager it was against) I thought he made a meal of it but didn’t really get a clear view, it might have been. Can’t believe their guy didn’t get booked
    A (manager it was for) There was contact, I’m sure of that, will need to see it again although for me it was a pen because the referee gave it.

  • Sam Jacob

    So true, David. Nobody actually answers with a compelling answer these days.
    many people aren’t eloquent enough to do that and it’s a sign of the times.

  • Anita Raymond

    The art of answering questions is gone, I fear.
    I asked my son the other day whether he could run me an errand and he grunted.
    So much for the art of conversation!

  • Wendy Trewer

    Asking open questions will help there.
    Who, what, why, when and how, all these words encourage an answer. First rule of questioning!

  • Rakesh Noah

    Getting answers out of children can be difficult but you have to speak to them at their level and interact with empathy.
    It’s about communication and showing interest and then you will get the answers you have been wishing for.

  • Ethan Ross

    Yes, politicians especially rarely answer questions.
    One of the most annoying things in life!

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