“Imagine if you could fail…what wouldn’t you do?”

Time to Read – 4 1/2minutes

I received the following email recently – extract:

I am thinking about quitting my full time job and starting my own business as a consultant.

This is something I have always wanted to do and not had the courage to do it before now! I know the economy is not very healthy at the moment so it might not be an ideal time to be thinking about it, but I think starting your own business is a bit like planning to have children. If you waited until you could afford to have a family, you would never have one.

Anyway, my question is this! I am motivated by the “Imagine if you couldn’t fail” question you pose at the start of the book, but the small voice at the back of my mind is saying “what about all the other hopefuls that start out in business and fail, surely they started out with a lot of confidence about the bright future they were about to carve for themselves?”. I don’t have an answer at the moment for the little doubting voice, so I thought I would send you an email to see what your take on this was.

The sender wishes to remain known as just Alan, so, thank you Alan

My thoughts:

1. Follow the fastest way to be successful – find out someone who has already achieved success and do what they have done. If you don’t know what they did, ask them. This increases your chance of “success” dramatically.

2. In The Naked Millionaire I advise not to give up your day job until you have got another income coming in – this prompted much response, my favourite being – “Who do you think you are, my mother? I will do whatever I want.” Excellent – I do know this from personal experience, if you have responsibilities and you simply have to earn money, you will.

3. Have you ever noticed that those people in life who say “never give up on your dream” never give up on their dream, and those who say “give up on your dream” always give up on their dream, and they regret it until the day they die. 

My advice: Go for it

Can you help Alan – please share your advice here.

With my best wishes to Alan and my love to you all


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