Is Yours A Decent Proposal?

SELLING can be hard, soft or even something in between. It comes in various forms and at varying stages of a product or a service’s life but ideally you will need something to show a potential customer.

That something is a proposal. Arriving at a client’s premises without one – ideally samples of what you intend them to buy – is rather like opening up a shop while having nothing on the shelves. You need to take some examples because a customer’s curiosity is naturally inquistive and they will want to pick up your product and take a closer look.

If it is a service you are selling then take along something for people to look at instead, such as a glossy brochure. Like anything, you have to be prepared. Someone leafing information and pictures about your business and expressing an interest in what they see is certainly a potential buying signal.

Like anything in life there has to be a balance. Take enough of your merchandise for someone to take an interest and not so much as to create confusion. Make it simple of them. For instance too many colours of one particular item might prompt them to be hesitant over a choice. Whereas, say four would still be tempting enough for them to give you the all important ‘yes’ as they are bound to be happy with one of those options.

Be careful not to leave literature, and therefore allowing the customer to brush you off with ‘I’ll think about it.’ If they want to have more time suggest it is a good idea and that the decision should be made together so you are there to answer any questions or concerns. That way, you will at least know there and then whether they are serious about buying or not.

Literature can be a very powerful marketing tool although normally only if it’s a shopping catalogue for an individual customer. So only leave something like a leaflet or flyer if an order has been taken. Then it can act as a document convincing the purchaser they have made a good buying decision.


  • Dan Jones

    i often buy off people, regardless of the product.
    Of course the product has to be good, but the person can sway the deal in my opinion.

  • Sally Hill

    Why would anyone buy a product that doesn’t work just because the person selling it is a nice person.
    Surely it’s a combination of both.

  • Cynthia James

    A good looking salesman helps for me but ultimately I have to need what they are selling and it has to be of good quality.

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