It’s A Beautiful Day

IMAGINE having the power to make every day a special one. Well, here’s the secret. You already have it. Every day can be as you want it to be. It comes with having a positive frame of mind. If you can expect the day to be a good one then the anticipation you generate can help achieve that positivity.

It is often said that a lack of mental visualisation is the greatest barrier to success. Well, many athletes, and yes, people in business, continue to strive for excellence, to go that extra mile, to be the best. Record times are beaten, some thought to be impossible, such as running a mile under four minutes or breaking 18 metres in the triple jump.

Once these goals have been bettered, it can pave the way for others to follow, inspired by the realisation that it can be done – it is no longer an impossible dream. That simple fact can give somebody the confidence to go and achieve something even greater. Unblocking the obstacles in the mind can open up new horizons.

Our mindset must be completely in tune with our actions for that goal to be achieved. So, when you wake up tomorrow, dare to imagine that this is going to be your day, that everything will go as planned. Then do it all again the next day.

(Based on an extract from The Greatest Personal Success Tips in the World)

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