It’s all about you!

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(Some of you were a bit slow last week!)

It’s all about you!

That’s what I told a client this week!

We would normally take this as a sarcastic snipe, but really, the only person who really matters in achieving your goals is you and what will make you carry out the actions to achieve your outcome.

So find out about yourself – for example:

Are you a moving away from or a moving towards person? Then apply pain or pleasure accordingly.

Are you detail or big picture orientated – understanding which may help you to realise that, for detail people, you’re more likely to achieve your outcome if you don’t allow yourself to get bogged down or side tracked by the detail or, if you’re big picture, you may need to apply yourself to determining the small steps required along the way that you would naturally gloss over.

You might also be internally or externally referenced – what does that mean for you in your quest?

A deeper understanding of one’s self will also give valuable insight into your appreciation of others too, and what makes them tick – then you can work with these preferences instead of wondering why someone isn’t ‘with you’ when what you are saying is ‘really obvious’.

If you want any help in finding out – our NLP Workshop covers these and other concepts to help us relate to people who may be at the other end of the spectrum.

With my love and best wishes to you all


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