It’s Good To Talk

ASK British Telecom and they will say it’s good to talk. After all, despite advances in technology, talking is the best way to communicate and get your point across.

There are times in business though, when talking is only good, to a point. A journalist will tell you, ‘never say in three words what you can say in two’. And managing communication in business is important – if only to limit the amount of time we spend communicating while ensuring the message is simple and effective. While the world has moved on, the essentials of effective communication remain the same.

The most important aspects are to be:

1. Clear about your message.

2. Able to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience after correctly identifying who it is you are speaking to.

3. Able to deliver succinctly.

Making communication a key priority in an organisation can alleviate problems before they surface. Managers need good communication skills. The more senior they are, the more adept at getting the correct message across they need to be.

(Article based on a chapter from The Greatest Management Tips in the World)


  • Chris Everton

    I think the Naked Leader do a stint on presentations. They are so crucial in getting over a point.That last thing you need is for someone to switch off when they are listening to you.Highly embarrassing and damaging for business.Worth looking up NL courses. Have heard they are excellent.

  • John

    There are good ways and bad ways to present.And knowing who your target audience are is vital.A friend of mine presented once on a range of IT issues…and found out as he walked in the door to one seminar that most of the workforce in this company were nearing retirement age and weren't about to want to learn anything about computers.It's important to do your homework first, then the message has to follow.

  • Paul Charlton

    Bungling words is not a good way to go when presenting. Have seen it done though.

  • Marcus Adams

    I agree th target audience is everything. If you don’t know what it is they are expecting to hear you are in trouble from the outset.
    Like all things, it is preparation that will get you through. Without it, you run the risk of your presentation going flat.

  • Mark Hammer

    I agree the target audience is the most important aspect of a presentation.
    I failed to live up to people’s expectations once. never again. It’s preparation from now on. It taught me a valuable lesson.

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