It’s (Not) About Time

Time to Read – Guess… (Glance, Guess, and Time Yourself)

Last week’s NL Week ended with – “Give yourself some extra time and next week we’ll consider how to best use it.”

Well, it’s actually not about time at all

Our Clients will always ask us if we “do time management”

Books are written on the subject, workshops are held and people sometimes wonder what they would do if they had an extra 15 minutes each day

The answers are “relax,” “read a book” or just have “time to myself”

And then we hear that well-worn phrase “There are not enough hours in the day”

Addressing each of the above in order: Most time management books and workshops on the subject don’t work

If you had 15 minutes more each day you would do more of what you already do

And there are 24 hours in every day, for everyone

It’s not about “time” – because time is relative – five minutes with someone you love is far less time than five minutes in the dentist’s chair… time added on at a football match always seems to go quicker when you are losing, than when you are winning… you will have your own examples

So, to achieve what you want to achieve, stop focusing on time and focus instead on activity and results

For every organisation in all economic times, it’s not about time; it’s about what you do, how and when – and the results you get

Time is no longer money – activity that brings results is


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