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Well, Naked Leader advocates people becoming involved, comment, be in the game – none more so than where company founder David Taylor’s blog is concerned, entitled Naked Leader Week.

Among the recent jewels was, ‘All the things that are wrong with you‘ which started with ‘Dear You’ and ended with ‘Enjoy being you today’ – with nothing written in between. That’s what you call invention!

Elaine Neale was moved to say: ‘Uncanny! I was just having a “moment” when your article came through. Thank you for reminding me to think of myself and to spend time on me as I do others.’

Claire Silvester started her comment with this quote: ‘It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.
W. Somerset Maugham
English dramatist & novelist (1874 – 1965)

Claire then added: ‘David you have taught me this in action and yesterday I used this using your “Get what you set out to get philosophy”. I wanted to secure a new house in a foreign country when my hubby is 3,000 miles away and I made it my priority and single goal yesterday….It was scary but I did it and now my family and I can all be together so much sooner than expected….There is nothing wrong with me today look what I did….

Much appreciation for many many things ….’

Russ Hayman said: ‘David, I often read/listen to your “thoughts” and I always like the way you think outside of the box, in fact I know you don’t even think the box exists!

Inspired! (You can take it one of two ways depending on if you are a glass is half full or empty type of person.)’

Another gem of David’s was the brilliant ‘Whodunnit?‘ which prompted another plethora of responses.

The question was asked, ‘Was it you?

Are you guilty?

Was it you that broke all the rules of humility and believed an idea you had was genius?

And, if it was, did you next break all the rules of conformity and actually go ahead and do something about it?

And, if it was, did you then break all the rules on failure by getting back up again, and again, and again?

What – it was you?


How Dare You!!


And you are sentenced to life…because you sure know how to live it.

Among those commenting was Louise Ebrey who captured the very essence of the blog when she said: ‘I am guilty of believing that everyone can achieve what they want, and for supporting both individuals and teams to do this.

‘I am guilty for going back for more when people don’t follow through and initiatives flounder. I am guilty of holding initiatives up so they don’t fall over while people get round to remembering why they thought they were important in the first place.

‘On top of all that I am guilty of meeting interesting people with common passions and approaches and persevering until we work on the right project together. Even if that takes years.’

Jason Coleman was equally switched on to the mood and added: ‘Yep, Guilty as charged. Guilty of running my own successful L&D consultancy after 25 years with one firm – guilty of travelling up and down the UK networking, taking the knockbacks and unreturned calls in my stride, guilty of turning down a highly-paid job and security to achieve my outcome of being my own boss.

‘Guilty of not wearing a suit and security pass day in, day out. Guilty of finally, being happy. The formula for guaranteed success works – but you’re the most important component.’

And Daniel Terat chipped in: Guilty of doing something? I hold my hands up. I love doing, better than doing nothing, so guilty as charged!’

They are just two examples of people getting involved on the Naked Leader site – and perhaps you could too!

Why not log on to on a Monday and take a look at David’s weekly offering – it might just inspire you to get involved.

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