Just A Moment – This One

WE have all said the words ‘be with you in a moment.’ And yet, how many of us can say we have actually been in the moment?

Many people spend so much time looking and learning, seeking and searching, for what could be, for answers and ideas, they miss what is going on around them, here and now.

So, right now, wherever you are – look around you at life. This moment you are now in, will never be repeated again in your life. Take it all in – the people, the weather, the nature all around you. Next time you listen to your favourite piece of music, will you really listen? Perhaps your mind drifts elsewhere – thinking about what you need to do next, instead of just deciding to be now.

The way you do this is to listen to the music, the instruments and how they come together. As other thoughts enter your head, acknowledge them, and let them go again.

(Based on an extract from The Naked Millionaire)



  • Jackie Witney

    I Love being in the moment, it’s not always easy as life demands always thinking what we should be doing next etc.
    To stop and take in all that is around you I find very calming and makes you feel part of the landscape.

  • Darren Roach

    So true, we all look to the next thing without appreciating where we are and what we actually have.

  • Dan Jones

    Stop, breathe and enjoy. Reflect!

  • Peter Frith

    I looked around me on my way to work this morning and saw three buildings I never knew existed that I have been walking past for three years.
    It#s true that if you take in the moment, you really notice so much more.

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