Know where you are now

Time to Read – three minutes

Time to re-read (if the first read isn’t scary) – four minutes

Last week – Know where you want to go – focused on your Outcome.

This week we look at the most uncomfortable part of the formula:

Know where you are Now – The You

This is about ownership. You are either in ownership of your life, or you are not (there is no half way house).

Being in ownership means that you take 100% ownership of everything that you say and do. If you do, then you are in ownership. If you don’t, then you are not (and in this case it might be an idea to find out who is, and give them a call).

How do you apply this?

In your personal life – you are totally responsible and accountable for everything you speak, every action and reaction you take.

In your team – you will never say anything about another team member, behind their back, that you would not say to their face.

In your organisation it means you get to the point in meetings, bringing truth in the room – properly and professionally, with a target of reducing your time in meetings by 50%.

(If you don’t feel a bit scared at this point, please return to the top and re-read).

Finally it means acknowledging the skills, talents and strengths that you already have. In other words, from this very moment (check the clock) you will never let what you can’t do, stop you doing what you can.

Next week – Know what you have to do, to get to where you want to go – The Moment

With my love and best wishes

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  • I know there are certain thing s I can’t do. However, I know that I am capable of doing lots of other things and the cannots certainly don’t get in the way of the cans.
    The positive thinking aspect of my life makes sure of that.
    I think it’s a case of knowing your limitations and certainly knowing your strengths. That way you never lose sight of who you are.

  • I listened to a manager talking the other day and he wanted his players to be accountable for everything they did. That’s a good thing to do because if they make a mistake there is no blaming anyone else.
    It’s like defending corners. Zonal or man mark. Get the player to man mark and then there is no excuse from him if his man scores. Play it zonal, ie, in an area, then the buck could be passed between two people in similar areas.

  • Taking responsibility for actions should be a feature in all companies.
    There has to be accountability otherwise you would hardly get anywhere as a company.
    Individuals need targets and be accountable for obtaining them.

  • I’m another who believes that taking on responsibility for your actions is the right way to go.
    We can all blame other people for when something doesn’t go our way. Ultimately, it’s down to us to live the life we think is the best one, for us.

  • I like a bit of guidance because I don’t seem to get anywhere these days.

  • I also like the reducing the meetings bit.
    We try to have as few meetings as possible.
    that way we do more work, which is crucial.

  • I read my comment and it seems a bit defeatist. I was having a bad day. Of course there are times when I get things right!

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