Know Your Customers

WHEN driving your business down the road to success, there are times when you need to take the occasional detour away from Quality Street.

Beating off the competition in business is not just about the quality of relationship you have with your customers it is about quantity too. The number of people who know each other from both sides is key. The more people you have who know and trust your clients – and the more of you able to communicate and nurture the contact – the stronger that relationship becomes and the more difficult it is for a competitor to break it.

You also need the right people in your organisation communicating with your customers too. And make sure you know enough about them, otherwise it is impossible to create a strategic plan.

Information gather, to know the needs of your customer and therefore strengthen the bond between you. Make your business partner want to be in the relationship.

Trust and respect each other and they won’t want to go anywhere else. And remember to veer off Quality Street now and again, so your business ends up smelling of roses.

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