“Lead Me, Follow Me or Get out of My Way”

Time to Read – 4 minutes

General George S. Patton’s quote has never been more apt than it is today.

You know the people I mean – they are given every chance to be involved, to have a say, to show their true potential. And yet no matter what you say or do, they continue to undermine you as their leader, the organisation that pays them and most of all, the people around them.

With these people – the best name I have heard for them is corporate vampires, as they suck the very blood out of each and every day – the glass is not so much half full, more completely broken.

So, returning to General Patton, let us find forever a way to give these people two last chances, and if they do not take them, a third ultimatum. It may sound very direct and even aggressive; it has to be so, because people motivation has to be a two way deal – people themselves have to also play a part:

Show me your vision, your plan, your leadership – please show me the way

You don’t want to do that?


Then, let me show you a vision, a plan, some leadership – let me show you the way

You don’t want to do that, either?

So, what exactly are you going to do?


Oh well, at least I know

So, please forgive my moving on, but I won’t let you wear me down, or poison the air with your negativity, or stop me

You just stay there, complaining about your lack of chances or choices, or both.

Just get out of my way
With my love and best wishes

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