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Time to Read – Five seconds for the first line, another five, and so on…

My wife Rosalind knew her outcome – to install a sprinkler system for our hanging plants.

She knew where she was when she started – her husband is useless at DIY, hates DIY and is probably the worst choice of person to do DIY.

What to do?

This is what happened:

She said to me “Darling, would you be good enough to drill a hole in the outside wall for me – I know you don’t like DIY, but I really need this done, please”

I thought ok, what’s one hole, even I can do that. After all, she did the measuring, she told me where to drill, nothing could go wrong – and if it did, it would be her fault, not mine.

So, I drilled a hole.

Then she said “while you are here, could you push this rawlplug in please?

I did, each time receiving specific praise…

…Until, an hour later, we had a complete sprinkler system.

I kind of knew what she was up to – but the idea of “David – could you install a new sprinkler system” would have scared the hell out of me, and had me suddenly having a very sore back.

By breaking the project down to clear, simple, understandable specific actions, Rosalind made it easier for a simple chap like me, removed my excuses. And, by the way, made it a lot of fun.

Don’t eat an elephant; break it down into manageable, digestible chunks.

And when visitors come to our home, and notice our sprinklers coming on, I say “I did that.”

Except on days when it goes wrong, in which case, of course, it was Rosalind.

With my love

And best wishes


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