Leadership – one of the hardest skills around

Time to Read – 30 seconds

Over the last ten years I have been privileged to work with scores of teams.

When doing so, I often ask team members for the key skills needed for them to be successful. And, to date, over 95% of the skills listed are so-called “soft” skills – communication, ownership, bravery etc. etc. And it got me thinking – isn’t it time to drop the term “soft,” once and for all.

After all, these business critical skills are not “soft” – they are very “hard”

Action – What are the top ten skills you need in your team or organisation, to be successful? Go on, ask that question and record the list

If the majority are “soft” then give them a new label in your organisation – “interpersonal” or “leadership” or your choice

With my love and best wishes

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