Leading up to Christmas…

Time to Read 30 seconds

I heard this week that a school staff Xmas party was refused a repeat booking at last year’s venue due to their inappropriate behaviour.

…pause while you consider that rather shocking statement.

2 years ago our own company Christmas party, at a shared venue, was marred by the lewd behaviour of the table nearby to some of our staff, vomit in the sink in the toilets and a refusal to serve any more alcohol to us, and anyone else, on the grounds that these other people (who were nothing to do with us) should not be served more drinks.

So leading up to Christmas you can chose to be a leader…

Yes – even when you are out celebrating.

By behaving in a way that isn’t insulting to serving staff, that have to wait on you and clear up after you, doesn’t annoy other revellers, and won’t embarrass you when you wake up the next day and remember or have to be told the antics you have engaged in.

You all know I am a great believer in fun – fun for all though!

As always your Christmas – your choice – I’m just reminding you there is a choice.

With love to you all


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