Leading up to Christmas…

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I heard this week that a school staff Xmas party was refused a repeat booking at last year’s venue due to their inappropriate behaviour.

…pause while you consider that rather shocking statement.

2 years ago our own company Christmas party, at a shared venue, was marred by the lewd behaviour of the table nearby to some of our staff, vomit in the sink in the toilets and a refusal to serve any more alcohol to us, and anyone else, on the grounds that these other people (who were nothing to do with us) should not be served more drinks.

So leading up to Christmas you can chose to be a leader…

Yes – even when you are out celebrating.

By behaving in a way that isn’t insulting to serving staff, that have to wait on you and clear up after you, doesn’t annoy other revellers, and won’t embarrass you when you wake up the next day and remember or have to be told the antics you have engaged in.

You all know I am a great believer in fun – fun for all though!

As always your Christmas – your choice – I’m just reminding you there is a choice.

With love to you all



  • 11111

    While I apprciate your sentiments here, David, I was disappointed to have to be told this, as there seems to be a touch of proselytising here rather than your usual enlightening hand.

  • Rosalindhoward

    Thank you 11111 for your comment and point of view. We also receivied this email from Colin

    Wonderful sentiment –

    I'm sharing it with my team(s) (corporate and social) today.

  • Rosalindhoward

    Also received from John

    I thought you might like to know I was recently told of a hotel in Manchester that did the same to a group of catholic priests.

  • Paul Charlton

    A friend of mine is a hotel worker and every year she says the same thing. The parties generally get out of hand at this time of the year. She has had to deal with 'high spirits' and sees it as all part of the job.She accepts that there are people who will go over the top when celebrating and is professional enough to just get on with the job without complaint.It's a great reminder to people that you can have a great time…even though you should also see to it that the staff have a pleasant evening too. After all, they are working and have the rough end of it anyway.

  • Mark Hammer

    There are times when we let our hair down a little too much. Sometimes it helps to involve the staff in the party. That way nobody gets upset and they get to enjoy it too. Some hotels allow this, others don't.As for me, I will make sure I am respectful, as ever, this Christmas.

  • Chris

    I once went to a golfing Xmas do where there were some rowdy Xmas revellers that spoilt it for the majority.It happens like that sometimes. Sorry to hear you had the same experience David. Thanks for the choice theme. At the end of the day we all have a choice to behave or not. To say it's the drink talking just isn't an excuse nowadays. I agree with some of the other comments on here too. It's a shame this kind of thing needs to be highlighted however, in my opinion it does.

  • Tjohnson

    Choices are made out of character, show yours by losing the alcohol at any company event!

  • Miriam

    Good point. Alcohol is generally the problem. Surely people can have a good time without it?I used to have friends who wouldn't get up on the dance floor unless they'd had a few beers. That's sad. A party with just non alcoholic drinks, food and good banter. My idea of a great Xmas party.

  • Mary Hull

    It's a bit late to be booking a party anyway! They are generally booked up long before. Maybe that was the real reason they were not allowed to book and the hotel made up the excuse it was about the bad behaviour.

  • Janet

    We had a Christmas Do last night and there was plenty of raucous behaviour. It's something we have come to expect at this time of year. Either that or ban parties which seems a bit baa humbug.

  • Hunch

    In general, people who use obscure words like ‘proselytising’ dont really know what it means. I’m sure 11111 does, though I dont agree the original post is trying to convert our beliefs.

    I agree with DT, you can always choose to take responsibilty for your actions, and to enjoy yourself in a way thats not at the expense of others – or NOT.

    I disagree with anyone who says ‘keep me away from the whisky, it makes me nasty’. They choose to be nasty and blame the whisky. Same af football grounds – pillars of the community f-ing and blinding in front of kids. ‘It’s alright – its football!’

    I recently stood up in the family section at a fooball ground during a quiet moment in play, took a big lungful of air and yelled. ‘THE REFEREE’S A (aghast looks from fellow supporters, even a sub warming up) MATCH OFFICIAL!!

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