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LOSING your job can feel like entering a dark tunnel. For many, though, it can spark a flame inside of them which refuses to burn out. The proof is in the figures. While the jobless toll has hit two-and-a-half million, there is a glimmer of hope as self-employment has risen and there are around four million people now working for themselves.

Those embarking on part-time self-employment are high on the list and account for nearly one fifth of men who have set up on their own.

The proportion of women taking the plunge has also risen, with more than one million of the fairer sex working for themselves on a full-time basis. Savings and redundancy pay outs are being put to good use with another huge proportion of people expected to join those already enjoying the freedom of not being tied to an employer.

Typically, it is people over the age of 35, and working from home, who are branching out. So, losing your job doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of the line. It could be the start of an exciting opportunity that might light your fire.


  • mark

    Going it alone can be the saviour for some people. Companies have been able to get rid of staff too easily and they blame the economic climate for job losses although sometimes I think there is a reaction from them which is premature. Those who have gone out on their own after experiencing such crushing disappointment as losing their jobs desrve great credit. i'm all for that.

  • chris

    There is nothing like it, running your own business as you have the freedom to go about your business in the way you want. There are pitfalls too. With many issues such as trying to separate business and personal is a key problem. You have to keep the two separate. Borrowing from a bank often means them taking a charge over your personal property which means the two are inextricably linked. Therefore you feel you have to make the business work otherwise your home is at risk. That is a very risky business and therefore it makes you not want to delegate because everything has to be right and you feel you have to be in control otherwsie your family life is in jeopardy. It's very difficult to move your thinking away from that when it is your job/life/home on the line. There are joys of being self-employed too. Such as taking time off when you can. having an office away from the home is eesential in my view otherwise you are really married to your work.

  • mark

    Making the business work is crucial if you have a charge against your property. It happened to a friend of mind who wanted and needed to borrow from the bank only to be told he must give security. As it happened the business failed and the house was sold to repay the bank and losses were made. It's the danger of going it alone although there is a real buzz about running things your way and ensuring you get the job done for the sake of yourself, not for an employer. That's a great feeling.

  • paul

    There ar two ways of looking at everything. Of course, being on your own can be extremely rewarding. It can also be stressful too and a minefield to get through to do it properly. I take my hat off to those who are self employed. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to carry it off.

  • chris

    Going it alone is often the way to go and fair play to people for getting on their bikes and making it work for themselves.

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