Link In – In Moderation!

WHEN it comes to spending valuable business time on social networking sites, don’t be a Twit.

Of course, the Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn revolution is here to stay and is a fantastic way to interact and spread the word about the services you can offer. Like everything, though, they should be used in moderation.

Some experts reckon 15 minutes a day is sufficient – with most of your time being better spent on focusing on your business, selling and delivering your products and services while ensuring you drill down on the key aspect – making a profit. Other elements can become a distraction.

Around 150 is the number of people you can effectively have a close business relationship with and when you consider they all have that number of close contacts, it follows you have indirect access to around 22,500 people – more than enough for business purposes.

Of course, delivering online services and developing contacts via that medium is sensible. You need to focus on the prime activity though, the 150 people who represent some potential value to your business.

Put an accurate personal profile on the main social sites and include a clear pitch of your business. Networking can then develop and you begin to offer people useful and valuable information, which in turn will build up trust vefore useful introductions can follow.

So tweet away – but not all day!

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