Love What You Do

LEARN from children that which you already know. Believe in the strengths that you had on the day you were born. Have an open mind, love what you do, respect each other, be brave and persistent, have total self-belief and enjoy the here and now. Help others do the same.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • Thomas Frith

    It’s so true that we have all the skills we need and sometimes we just lose sight of that.
    The ability to just do things, to get up when falling over, to go again, when as an adult, that all gets impeded by the way we think.
    We imagine we can’t do something. We tell our conscious mind it’s not possible.
    When as a child, we just went and did things without being held back by the conscious mind!

  • Francis Greve

    being open minded to people is how I go though life.
    Sometimes we are told about people and actually, when you get to meet them, they are not like that at all.

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