Make a list of the ten people…

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Make a list of the ten people…

You simply cannot do without in your organisation

Write down their names – if you are a massive company, do 20, if a smaller company do 5

Next, rank them in order of “If we lost that person we would be in very very deep trouble”



Get rid of them

All of them

These are the people who have one goal in life – to be totally indispensable – so they hold onto knowledge (instead of sharing it), they do all the work themselves (no point in delegating – if you want a job done…) and think succession planning is a great idea in principle, but no-one else is “quite ready yet.”

Well, go on then…

Or, if that is a bit extreme, make sure that for each of these people:

1. They have a successor, or at least one other person who can do their role

2. Leads – and assess their leadership based on the results from their team members

3. Their number one priority over the next three months is to become absolutely, totally, 100% dispensable.

Then, and only, then, will you want to hold onto them forever

And, after three months, make a list of ten people…

With my love and best wishes


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