Make Naked Leader Week Your Staple Diet

FOR those of you who haven’t seen David Taylor’s Naked Leader Week articles, there is much to me learned from them.

What better way to start the week than to be inspired!

Take, for instance, the story of Lois Muir – Lolo – who sent David her powerful story about overcoming problems in her past. Her journey, which include struggles and triumphs, have been expressed through a tattoo.

Lolo has now taken responsibility for her own actions and addressed them.

Brave and inspiring, here is a snippet of the article. She said: ‘Throughout my childhood and life as a young person I went on a rollercoaster ride, and blamed everyone around me for the stuff I went through.

‘Alcohol was my only escape, I spent life hating the world when it was all just a cry for help. The tattoo [the merging of a brain and a heart] represents the fight I went through, and the importance of learning from the lows and the times when I’m at my weakest.’

One of David’s other articles touched on the Uncertainty Agenda which has led to three challenges, in each of Leadership, Governance and Business.

While What Are You A Genius At? is another recent topic, asking people to actually assess what they are good at – something they don’t really like doing – rather than their weaknesses.

Make sure you tune in to find out what the latest topics are – you won’t be disappointed.

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