Seize The Day

STRIKING while the iron’s hot can be the difference between success – and missing that once in a lifetime opportunity.

Seizing an opportunity when it arrives is important and can have a dramatic impact on your personal success. Determination to grab that chance to get on is the key, regardless of ability or training – being in the right place at the right time, mentally as well as physically, can propel your fortunes on to a higher plane. As they say, fortune favours the brave.

Having positivity in our outlook can help bring about the right environment for these opportunities to arise.

Ewan Thomas MBE, a former European and World 400m champion and GB Olympic relay silver medallist recently tweeted: ‘Cut negativity out of your life. There’s no place for things that drain your happiness. Try to surround yourself with positivity, plus be good to others.’

It is good advice as negative thoughts can close off opportunities. And thinking positively will help reach out to others, enabling them to be successful and content.

True success can be measured by the impact we have on the lives of others such as when we greet people with a smile and truly care about their lives, troubles, goals and achievements.

It is not enough to do just enough because ultimately, that will never be enough. Aim low and you will achieve even less. Building in over-achievement in our actions means there will always be enough. That way we will be happy and breed happiness among those with whom we share our lives.

Expect success, like Ewan Thomas and other top sportspeople and business entrepreneurs do, and share it with others so you will then receive it in abundance.



  • I had a situation where I wanted to make a change in my life and it was a case of do I or don’t I in my quest to make a positive change.
    If I hadn’t done it when the opportunity presented itself then it would have been a very different story for me. As it is, I have made the switch and feel a lot better for doing it. My positivity helps there’s no doubt about that. I try to focus on the positives and make things happen for myself If I possibly can and it’s true, if you get out there among the right people then you can make things happen that might not have normally done.

  • Change is not necessarily a good thing. Recognising when to make a life change is the most important thing. And if you are able to grasp the opportunity then go for it.
    There are some things that have to be done and I made that move a few years back when I worked for a newspaper and decided to go freelance. It made sense for me then and in hindsight, it still does.

  • I agree. Grasp the chance. make it happen for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

  • Maurice

    Many people wait for something to happen in the belief that it will, one day.
    Actually, it won’t unless you have the energy and drive to make a change.
    Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you lose your job.
    A friend of mind did and she hasn’t really recovered.
    I was made redundant 10 years ago and it meant I had to grasp the opportunity to do something different and that’s what I did.
    Redundancy is more of an opportunity. You are forced into something through no fault of your own to go and do something else. I thought to myself, it wasn’t my fault I was made redundant. In fact, it was the job not me and it’s important to remember that people aren’t made redundant, jobs are.
    There’s nothing you can do except bounce back.

  • Tony Weeks

    Redundancy can be a good thing.
    It depends on the drive of that person.
    I agree, some people go into their shell and think it’s the end for them but actually, it’s not.
    Be positive is my advice as something will happen if you want it badly enough.

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