Make Sure You Are Switched On

IF you have moved business premises recently, beware of receiving an electric shock. There are reports of firms being targeted by energy brokers and tricked into switching to a new electric supplier without their knowledge.

The companies later discover they have been tied into a binding contract because they have been taken in by brokers – from a range of organisations – claiming to be official meter readers. The business owners have been told, or it is implied, that as they are new to the premises the firm’s meter is not registered, and as such, they are paying a very high rate for their energy as they are not in a contract.

The brokers then obtain the company’s details and say they are authorised to find the best deal. And they claim not to be selling, just passing on information, before switching the business to a new supplier after practicing the most dubious of sales tactics.

The important thing is to remember there is no such thing as an official meter registration body. So if you get a telephone call from someone saying they are involved in such an organisation, don’t be taken in by them.

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