Make Time To Reconnect

RECONNECT with someone, simply for a catch-up, or with a loved one you may have lost touch with. You may regret not doing so in the future, no matter how easy the excuses are for putting it off.

Be true to yourself and make the first move. Decide, right now, in the back of your mind, who you would like to reconnect with. Do it now.

Write an email, or phone, or write a letter. You may feel you haven’t got the time. So make time. Then, what’s stopping you?

(Based on an extract from The Naked Coach)


  • Sam Jacob

    Life’s too short to hold grudges. What’s the point. We are all going to leave this place at some point so make sure you make time for the ones you love in the meantime, and heal rifts.
    I did, with a member of my family, and it made me feel good.

  • Thomas Frith

    Emailed a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and got a response I wasn’t expecting.
    So worth making the effort.

  • Jackie Witney

    Recently I reconnected with someone that I used to work with 20 years ago, we got on well with each other at the time and just lost touch.
    We found still have loads in common and are going to do a project together. Just shows you never know what opportunities you could be missing.
    On the other hand now, we know it works best for us to surround ourselves with positive, like minded people, and with social media it makes it hard for some people to disconnect with some the wish they could!!

  • Tony Weeks

    I agree that reconnecting with someone from the past may be beneficial. It happened to me too, whereby an opportunity I never thought could possible arise has done so because of an old acquaintance.

  • Frank Landon

    Meeting a member of family you haven’t seen for years is very rewarding.

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