Make Your Voice Heard To Get Ahead

IS your business well known online? Are you maximising your sales potential over the Internet? If not, then it may be time to shout – or yell even!

Sending a flyer to people is becoming a thing of the past in this fast-moving world – and making a promotional film about your business is likely to have far greater impact on your sales. Business directory launched ShopView, a service allowing small and medium firms to upload a film to add to their online listing. Anything between two and five minutes. It could be the best use of time your business has known.

There is a do it yourself option and a pay service if you prefer, which makes this an attractive proposition. And with thousands of companies having signed up already for the initiative, figures suggest a clear presence on the web is beginning to become a valuable asset. Dare we say, one that money can’t buy.

So, do we know who you are? If not, why not Yell?


  • Chris Everton

    Online is the way to go and video production of the business really highlights the strengths and can hide the weaknesses.It's a great way to highlight what's good about your business, particularly being able to showcase the people, because they are the main attribute of most firms. They have to be. They are the front line so doing promotional work around their strengths is a good thing.When I look up online I like to see a movie and that's the way forward if you want to impress clients.Our company has done it. I do believe the naked Leader might have done too from what I can gather from my last chat with the company.

  • Paul Charlton

    I think there is still room for flyer's although I accept it's an outdated concept in many ways.I think it's sad that the Xmas card is supposedly dying a death because of Facebook and Twitter and the like. Both personally and in business, we have to move with the times or get left behind.

  • Mark Hammer

    Videos of your company can only be a good thing because you can edit it to show the best face of the company.paper items really are a thing of the past. Be online to shine is the new slogan for me.

  • Mary Hull

    Love the video idea and that is the only way forward.
    Having said that, I still give out flyers where I can. it all helps.

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