Making Change Work

Time to Read – 3 minutes

I have often spoken about giving “change” a context, so that we avoid change for change’s sake.

The way I suggest this is to ask the question “change what?”

I thought this was pretty good – i.e. it gives change a context; what exactly do you want to change?

And then, last week I was in a coaching session with Alan Berck-May, HR Manager with Renesas Electronics Europe, and before I could share my “change what” he said “change to what”

This may not sound like much of a difference, and to any coaches reading this it will seem obvious – to me that additional “to” makes a big difference when discussing change in a project, team or organisation.

“Change what?” focuses on what you want to change.

“Change to what” adds the outcome that you or others are seeking to achieve.

And outcomes are, and always must be, your cornerstone.

As always, there is only what works, and what does not – so find out what works for you – Action – See which works for you at work and at home – when someone uses the “change” word, which works better for you? Asking “change what?” or “change to what?”

Please let me know through the website

And thanks Alan

With my love and best wishes to you all

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