Meet Claire – She Can Manage Very Nicely Thank You

Claire Beckinsale

MEET a woman who ‘can do’ – Claire Beckinsale. If ever there was someone who believes in the mantra “we can be whatever it is we want to be”, Claire fits the bill.

A management consultant, she is a qualified Naked Leader (NL) coach and helps organise the company’s events, in particular the annual leadership Conference which once again hit the spot with delegates in October.

‘I really enjoy what I do and I must admit I do use the Naked Leader values in my personal and business life,’ says Claire. ‘The whole coaching technique, well, my kids will tell you, they know when I’m doing it and will say “stop coaching us mum!”

‘I believe that you can be anything you want to be. I am a driven person and I like to challenge myself and would encourage others to do the same. I have a list of things I’d like to do. Skiing was one, which I have now done with Jackie [Witney, also from NL], and last year I qualified to be a massage therapist which I have set up in a cabin in my garden.

‘This year I have taken up rowing and have recently had my first race for Staines Boat Club. I’ve always wanted to have a go and I enjoy it.’

Life-loving Claire thrives on meeting Naked Leader clients, those that are chosen to be speakers at the annual Conference, and she helps organise meetings with them.

Once Rosalind Howard, the company CEO, has decided on a theme and the kind of speakers needed for the event, Claire sets to work.

“Rosalind has a very good feel for the type of person she wants to attract and once that’s in place, we approach them, make sure they understand the objectives and go from there. What they are talking about obviously has to be in line with our [NL] language. This year the theme was Take it or Lead it, which was all about the future.

“I enjoy the opportunity to work on a project and my skill set is around organising and planning. So to see that to completion, such as the leadership conference, is so rewarding.’

Claire cites Rosalind and NL founder David Taylor as hugely motivational in her life and adds: ‘They are great people to work with. I admire David and he is always inspirational. He is very good at what he does. You can feel his energy. Of course, we all know David the man. But when he is on that stage he is so good at what he does.

Claire Beckinsale helps organise NL's annual Leadership Conference
Claire Beckinsale helps organise NL's annual Leadership Conference

‘You watch people in the room and they get inspired. You can see them “get it” and for some of them it’s an emotional experience. I have real admiration for Rosalind too. She works so hard, it’s a 24/7 lifestyle really. And I’m privileged that she allowed me to take a coaching qualification and to work with someone so like-minded. We are a good team and we work together really well.’

Rosalind adds: ‘Naked Leader believes in playing to people’s strengths and encouraging people to go for their dreams. We love running a company where the staff have space to follow their passions as well as bringing their unique talents and personalities to unlock the potential of Naked Leader.’

So, therein lies the proof. A company is as good as its people. And Naked Leader’s people are good!



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