Mind Over Matter

WHY do some people thrive under pressure and remain in control no matter what? What makes the difference between winning and just taking part?

There’s a single difference. Be it in top-level sport and business for that matter. It’s mental toughness.


  • Jackie Witney

    Its very easy to panic/struggle and give up on things, and then the definite result is a fail!
    If something really matters you have to ‘dig deep ‘ and the more times you find the strength to do this, you will find it works and its easier when the next test arrives.

  • Rosalind

    yes its true and that attitude becomes a habit so although doing this the first few times is hard, really hard its not like that forever after a while that becomes the default.

  • Liam Roake

    It’s the difference between winning and losing in a lot of cases.

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