Monsters Inc.

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Thank you everyone who has taken the trouble to write telling me how the last 5 weeks visiting the Formula for Guaranteed success has arrived at a pertinent time for them. I am sorry I haven’t replied individually I haven’t had the luxury of time, nevertheless I am truly grateful to hear from you and to know when something has been of use.

Andy Cope  responded to my request for guest nlweek contributions. The Prince’s Trust Young Ambassadors pieces will follow.

Andy Cope – Monsters Inc.
If you’ve seen ‘Monsters Inc.’ you’ll k now it’s a cool movie. If you haven’t seen it…what are you waiting for?

Sully is a blue, hairy, hulk of a monster. His buddy, Mike, is well…an eye, on legs. And they are a team. They work for ‘Monsters Incorporated’, a huge organisation that employs monsters to scare children into screaming. They then bottle the screams to create electricity that powers their city (Monstropolis…where else!)

The children are scared of the monsters and, interestingly, the monsters have been taught to be scared of the children. With me so far?

Except Sully messes up big time. The big blue buffoon accidentally brings a child back to Monstropolis. And he finds that the child (Boo) is a sweet, innocent thing. And Boo has no fear of Sully. I guess she’s not learned to be scared. The breakthrough comes when Mike and Sully discover that Boo’s laughter also creates power. And then it’s a good old-fashioned battle between the old way (creating fear) versus the new way (creating happiness)

It’s such a great idea for a movie. And the clincher is when they discover that laughter has 10 times more power than fear. Imagine! So the monsters have to change their approach, adopting silly hats and churning out smiles instead of roars. It seems the new way is more powerful than the old.

And I can’t help thinking there might be a business message in there somewhere, if only I was clever enough to work it out.

Keep smiling

Thanks Andy

With my love and best wishes

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  • Hi,

    I think Andy’s analogy is great! Monsters Inc as a leadership training…watch this space.

    I’m all for change for improvement, too often people expect things to have a different result when they do things the same. In these cases I harvest my frustration for future energy!

    All the best,

  • Frances Kirby

    Surely the business message is that the carrot approach to managing people is 10 times more productive than the stick approach! Or the positive approach versus the negative approach, or whatever you prefer to call it !

  • The carrot and the stick for me. If you beat someone with a stick they are never going to respond how you want them to. If you dangle them a carrot you will get their undivided attention.
    Love the laughing angle too. Laughter is so underrated. I do it all the time. I have laughter lines because of it but you really can’t beat it for a feelgood factor. Now I’m going to hire out the movie.

  • Giving people an incentive is the only way to make them work. It’s like footballers who have been given a contract. they don’t bother playing after that. make them play for a new deal ever three months and you get a result.

  • It’s all about giving people an incentive to work hard, in the rewards you give them.
    If you are able to offer them a financial incentive for doing a job well then that is the way to go. Although I accept that some would argue why should you get paid more just for foing the job you are paid for in the first place.

  • Why allow people to get away without working for their money? Why offer incentives? Don’t think there is a need personally. All this talk of carrots. Pay the people what they are worth and they will do you a good job.

  • I like the film analogy too. I liken the film ‘A Few Good Men’ to business too. There are only a few of them in business! Women don’t really get the plaudits they deserve a lot of the time. They should get more.

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