My Most and Least Favourite NL Weeks of 2013

Thank you for reading, forwarding and commenting on NL Week in 2013. 


My favourite of the year

Do you believe in miracles (earthly ones)?

Yes, I know death is not a very cheery subject at Christmas! However it has to be this as it totally epitomizes our message – be the very best that you already are, and from such a scientific source.

It is also my favourite NL Week, ever!

And the one I wish I had never done – just look at that date! We did correct it and have now restored it to the beauty of that original typo. Sadly our proof reading process means I am unlikely to get away with such a blatant error again…Lincoln

With my love and best wishes for a great new year and 2014



  • Neil C

    They were both great posts, David. Amazing that people will always pick up on the negatives and not praise you for all the positives.
    The way it is I suppose. Regardless of that date, it was a great read and everybody knew what you meant.

  • Ryan Norris

    I believe in miracles. And hope that Michael Schumacher survives his shocking accident.

  • Anita Raymond

    I’m hoping he makes a full recovery and it seems he is on his way to some sort of recovery.
    I agree that David’s posts were both excellent.
    In fact I think they are all so good and they really make you think about life on a Monday as they are so thought-provoking.
    Long may they continue!

  • Mike Raymond

    Great NL week as ever!!

  • Boris Cahn

    There is a lot of negativity over print because sometimes, once published, there are regrets that something isn’t quite right and yet, there is so much that is right that people don’t comment on.
    So annoying.

  • Ethan Ross

    NL Weeks are a great source of inspiration and personally I love them. #loveNL

  • Thomas Frith

    Some are better than others to be honest.
    The longer ones take a long time to get your ahead around.
    Better the short, punchy ones, as they are excellent.

  • Christian Moss

    There are a variety of NL Week’s and i like them all, even the longer versions because they are all able to make you sit up and take notice, really think, about why it is they have been published.
    Long may they continue to be varied and interesting.

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