Naked Leader Plays Golf – An Extract

GOLF is a game of opposites. If you hit the ball on the left side it will go to the right. If you hit it on the right side it will go left. If you hit it on the top it will go down and if you hit it on the bottom or underneath it will go up. If you hit the ball on the top it doesn’t mean you lifted your head, it just means you hit the top of the ball. Maybe you should swing a little lower the next time, if that happens.

Now, if you can hit the ball to the right and to the left, maybe you can go somewhere in between. That’s the key. To interpret what the ball is telling you and learn from it. And maybe if you keep working in this way you will gradually improve.
The same way a child learns. A child will stand up and he wobbles to the right and falls over.

Then he wobbles to the left and falls over. Their unconscious mind is building up the sense of feedback to say, ‘when we do this we fall over here and when we do that we fall over there’. So, in golfing terms, let’s see if we can make minor adjustments and find somewhere in the middle that we’re actually happy with.


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