Naked Leader Plays Golf

THOSE who frequent card shops may have recently come across a rather amusing birthday greeting that reads, ‘With golfers, if they hit it left it’s a hook. If they hit it right it’s a slice. And if they hit it straight it’s a…miracle!’Well, somebody who would vehemently disagree with that notion, albeit one that is wholly tongue in cheek, is golf professional Tony Westwood. Anybody who has read Tony’s e-book The Naked Leader Plays Golf will know he is passionate about the fact that all of us, without exception, can find our intended target with a golf shot. He believes we all have it in us to be the best golfer we can possibly be – and hit the ball a fair way into the bargain! Don’t believe him? Then download his e-book here to find out just how it’s possible.

Three men who were introduced to Tony’s theory were Mike Merrick, Andy Moss and Kenny Graves. They attended a Naked Leader Golfer Corporate Learning Day on the wonderful Earls Course at The Warwickshire, near Leamington Spa.
After meeting the trio Tony moved into his well-practised routine and went about gleaning information.

The first questions always fall around how long the person has played? What challenges confront them when they played? Which shots are repeated when they play, both good or bad? Plus other relevant information based on the answers to the questions,’ explains Tony.

Then it is time to see them hit a few shots. I watched as the guys warmed up before we ventured to the golf course. At this point I make observations on the patterns each of them follow when they swing the club and hit the ball. From looking at the swing to the shape of the shots created by the swing, I gather information and store it.’

This is when Tony springs into action.

‘It is now time for the FACTS or the TRUTHS about golf,’ he enthuses.

‘Once the FACTS are acknowledged and understood they can be applied to each and every golf shot, to help the golfer to LEARN from everything that happens. The principle is really quite simple. Swing the club, watch what happens and if the result was what you wanted then repeat it. If it wasn’t what you wanted, see what did happen and then do something else. And keep doing something else until you get what you wanted.’

Out on the course Tony guided his students and kept them focused on their projected outcome, decided at the outset, as they listened to what was explained and made adjustments where necessary.

‘With Mike, Andy and Kenny there were some common practices which needed to be applied or as I call them globalisations, and at the same time, as unique individuals, there were elements that were only relevant to each one of them,’ adds Tony.

‘The time we spent on the golf course was most rewarding and helped the guys to look at golf from a different perspective and explore a completely new learning model. The next step for them is to explore and discover more of what is possible. To apply their skills, trust in their ability and to get out of their own way just long enough to allow it to happen.

‘To Mike, Andy and Kenny many thanks for allowing me to share with you my experience of golf, learning and coaching. Keeping it simple works, the golf ball will only ever obey the laws of physics. So listen to what it has to say and enjoy what you do. Always!’

Kenny spoke for the impressed trio when he enthused: ‘Tony’s approach is much simpler and more direct than the normal golf coaches I work with. They tend to forget about hitting the ball, and focus on the subtleties of swing mechanics.

‘Whereas Tony comes back to hard facts like, where did the ball go? For it to have gone there which side of the ball did you hit? And what part of the club head hit the ball? From this you begin to deduce what is happening elsewhere in your swing. It kind of teaches you how to learn from paying attention to the results. It was very empowering and simplistic. I played very well that day and this was due to Tony’s methods.’



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